Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lighthouse Lantern

Lantern refers to the portable lighting devices or those lighting fixture mounted use for illuminating several broad and dark areas. They commonly use by Chinese people upon lighting their homes, for decorative purposes, and signifying some special events. As I’m quite allure in this Chinese lantern, I try to create an own design. This house lantern of mine does not only signify the traditional lanterns but also entails creativity with the use of this recycle materials. Having several unused cartoons or board and some plastic bottles, it leads me to create a simple house like lantern. As to assure that my house will not burn out when lighting it, I use the oil lamp method where oil, salt, cotton, and match stick or match head serve as my elements in creating lighting for my house lantern. This may serve as my lighthouse lamp. During brownouts, I can use now this new creation of mine for lighting purposes or when I like to use it.

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